Lodging in Canada

Lodging in Canada

Figure out what a lot of opportunities do you have to stay or travel in Canada.
If you wanna be flexible and wake up every day at another place so rent a Recreation vehicle (RV). If you want to stay longer than 1 month rent a room or apartment.

To look for an accommodation not have to cost a lot but please attend the following 5 terms to ensure your success.

Fido Canada - to phone in Canada5 terms to find your right accomodation.
To find an accommodation could be very hard in Canada.
We try to invite you to get your right accommodation with less money.

Roger's Canada - to phone in Canada1rst > You should be available for the landlord, to ask something about and get answers directly. So you need a Northamerican phone number. In Canada take fido or Roger's.

2nd > You should understand English in spoken and written to make any agreement in Canada.

3rd > It is bether to see the accommodation and neighborhood before you conclude the rental agreement. In some neighborhoods you don't wanna get an accomodation not even for free.

4th > You should be able to pay in advance the rent fee for the first two months.

5th > You should to pay attention of the minimum duration of rental agreement. Some agreements make losing an earlier move out. If you do not agree the term of lease or the amount set out so ask the landlord to change the agreement. Ask in the first for 2 month term of lease including the option to extend the term of leasing.

OH my goodness!
see 5th
> Question: I broke my lease after 4 months of tenancy; I turned in my one month notice as required and the apartment got rented 24hrs after my notice was turned in. (The manager put a "For Rent" on the front lawn of the building). There were no financial damages caused. The Management company still requires me to pay Liquidated Damages of $1237 (which is a month and half rent) as "penalty" for breaking the lease. My question is, is that amount reasonable given the lack of financial damages?

Answer: If the $1237 is found to be a penalty it likely isn't enforceable. If the $1237 is found to be liquidated damages, it likely is enforceable. Liquidated damages are recognized as a genuine pre-estimate of damages if a breach occurs. The amount is set out and agreed to at the beginning of the lease period, and establishes the recognized and agreed upon costs and expenses of advertising, re-renting expenses, etc.
If you don't agree or accept the amount set out in a liquidated damages clause, the time to object is before you sign the agreement ? not after. (from apartmentguide.ca)

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